We at Rala AB adjusts the premier technology to meet your needs for fa ast, cost-effective and future-proof installation of fiber networks. We pursue the matter further and allows it to never stop at being a passive network.

For us it is important that you as the network owner or entrepreneur are successful in your mission and business. A long-term approach requires a strategic thinking, development of business and flexibility. Our responsibility is long term.

National network owners – Adopt adapted technology from Rala
As a national network owner you surley have unique and specific needs. A close collaboration gives us an understanding of your challenges and your situation. We have extensive experience, diverse knowledge and a global network of contacts. With this starting point, we develop technology and deliver according to your specific business needs. We adapt and build for all requests.

Urban Network – take advantage of the knowledge that Rala has built up
We know that each situation is unique and that few solutions can be implemented without regard to local conditions. When urban networks are turning to us, they get fast access to our extensive experience and unique knowledge. It allows them to implement techniques and strategies, which are usually not available to smaller network owners. Together we will find the smartest ways to customize everything from fiber to logistics and processes. With us, the city network can be developed. Our highest goal is that you as urban network owner will be successful.

Property owners & campus network – building for the future with full capacity
For property owners our experience and our know-how contributes to a sustainable development and expansion. Together we will navigate in the world of technology, development and opportunities that our present time offers.

The same goes for those who are responsible for campuses with high demands on infrastructure. Every day IT becomes a more important and more central tool for companies and organizations. Internal communication, control of processes and business systems is dependent on security, capacity and flexibility and infrastructure needs to meet the requirements and be flexible enough to evolve with the company. With us you get maximum IT requirements to support the business.

Contractor – quickly take the plunge
We work with those who want to be their client’s main partner. And we’re working for you to succeed. Besides that, we are continually developing technology that gives new opportunities. We are working closely with you to develop organizational and technological solutions to suit every situation. We put great effort into supporting everyone so that they will perform their duties in the best way, with your client’s interests in mind. It does not matter if it is just a part of an installation or the whole project: from the planning to the last started CPE.

Wholesale – an important link
Rala Infratech AB constantly works with innovation and flexibility in mind. The results lead to attractive and good products. In some cases, we make them available across the country, which then takes place in cooperation with retailers. This means that we meet our customers where they want to be met. By making our products available to local retailers many advantages for the overall delivery are being created.

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