Estimate Rala’s Estimate service offers network owners an early and realistic indication of the cost of building a fibre network in a large area as a county, municipality, town or city suburb. The estimate which Rala provides can be used as the basis for investment decisions in the short and long term, but also, crucially, to help you make the decision whether or not to build a network. Our estimate gives you a clear picture of how to gradually build networks strategically and offers you an overall image of the investment needed to cover 100% of your chosen geographical area.

Kostnadsestimat fiber

An estimate from Rala, an important part of the decision basis, allows network owners to determine how much investment is required, where the project should start and how to act strategically to get a robust, future-proof infrastructure capable of expansion. The unexpected in a fibre project can be minimised by getting an overview of both technology and cost early on in the process.

Delivery to the customer After the estimation the netowner receives materials that provide answers to the biggest and initial questions that arise in an infrastructure project.

-Overall design
-Cost estimate
-Simplyfied cost estimate per area/town
-Compilation of the entire project
-Proposal on node placing, if none exists

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