Read more about interesting projects where Rala contributed to the development of fiber. This can include the Swedish and the English countryside or a village community in Germany that, with a helping hand from Rala, have gained a fast Internet connection through a future-proof fiber network. You can also read a few words from different network owners that describes their cooperation with Rala. Choose if you want to read Swedish, English or German cases below. At the bottom of the page you will find an archive of past references and opinion from network owners, co-operatives and other companies that cooperated with Rala:




VD Rala

SE cases


Drothems Byalag – från konkurskaos till ordning
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Läs om hur en svensk kommun skapade en ny infrastruktur
EN cases


Cybermoor Services Ltd chose the planning service from Rala

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Eltel: "As far as delivery is concerned Rala is the best"
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DE cases


Eine Kleinstadt auf ihrem Weg in Richtung digitale Infrastruktur
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Ein zukunftssicheren Glasfaser-Netzwerk in Österreich
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Archive SE cases:
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