Relacom: – three years of successful cooperation together with Rala

Relacom is essentially a service company that builds, installs and maintains networks and equipment. The company has 1,500 employees in Sweden and continues to develop and diversify their offerings. Three years ago they started a business around the line / network for copper and fibre. It was at that time the close cooperation with Rala started. Relacom is now building a large organisation that works with fibre networks throughout Sweden.

Relacom about fibre cooperation with Rala

Expanding in the fibre network

Pär Skogsman, project manager at Relacom, is a driving force in the line / network operation: “The goal is to become the leader within Sweden in this segment and we are already well advanced. It is about taking care of the entire process, from excavation to the customer connection. Already today we do the most work with our own staff – project, blowing, welding and so on. Everything in a close connection with the customer.

First contact with Rala

When Relacom began to start with the fibre network, the company submitted a set of tender offers. “I immediately got a good relationship with Magnus Eriksson of Rala“, says Pär. “He was clearly and honestly concerned about our projects. He helped us overall and at the same time ensured us that we got as good material as possible. Today we have a very good relationship and we are frequently in contact.

The importance of customer service

Relacom are very good at customer relations, investing heavily in service and has won awards for best customer service four years in a row. “For me it is rarely the price tag importantly“, said Pär. “Rala is not cheapest at a times but they always deliver high quality products. When I get material from Rala, I know that our clients will be satisfied. Rala is a complete supplier of materials with exceptional delivery and reliability. You can follow a shipment from leaving Rala to reaching the destination. So I can keep the customer updated all the time, creating a security for them. In addition, Rala themselves stands very positive in customer relations, something that in all honesty, sometimes is lacking from other contacts.

Local initiatives

Currently Relacom are involved in several interesting local initiative projects. One is in Success story the area around Töcksfors and Årjäng, in Sweden close to the Norwegian border. Installing 100 km duct, blowing fibre, welding and doing all the installation to the end customers. The project came to the ground because of Telia chose to close down a number of exchange stations in the area. The residents were offered a fixed mobile telephony, but would rather have the fibre cable and therefore started a local initiative. “The project offers many exciting challenges“, says Pär. “Above all nature of the ground varies, we encounter rocks, marshland and other surprises. We have continuous contact with Rala as always, is just as flexible in their advice and supplies as this job requires. We have an open dialogue, they are always interested and spontaneously asking how the project is progressing. It feels very nice to work with a supplier who wants to be involved right to the end of the project.

Rala solves the problems

I can illustrate with several other projects where Rala has made both our customers and us extra happy“, smiling Pär. “When we had a major installation in Karlstad where the ducting would be two sections of 12 and 14 km. When no one else could supply us with the right material, Rala sent the material with trucks directly from the Czech Republic. Another time we had an installation in Säffle where the customer in advance had chosen another supplier. When things were going wrong, I contacted Rala and ordered their materials. After that the whole project ran perfectly. Rala helps us to solve the problems for our customers.

When the relationship is crucial

Rala has not always been the only and obvious choice. Relacom has over the years tested a number of different suppliers. “Rala is always responsive and willing to change and adjust when necessary. If we order a cable that in the end turns out to be wrong, it’s always okay to send it back and get a new one. There is an ongoing discussion and none of us is satisfied until the project is complete and successful. Sure, I can choose another provider for smaller jobs now and then. But as soon as it’s more extensive work is usually the relationship and the continuous cooperation and a crucial support role. Then I choose almost always Rala“, Pär rounds of.

“Rala helps us
to solve the problems
for our customers.”

Relacom in short:
-Relacom is the biggest supplier and contractor to TeliaSonera-Skanova since 2001.
-Situated in 20 European countries.
-Relacom supplies it services and acts like a partner to operators, municipalities, local initiatives and companies.