Outline Planning Our Outline Planning service caters to those who, after completion of a Rala estimate or pre-study, have decided to invest in and build a fibre network. The next step is to conduct a procurement of contractors to build the network. Or to develop a material that will act as a working basis for one or more contractors. In our service Outline Planning we included a detailed specification of materials and detailed maps and drawings for ducts and fiber installation. We also provide detailed technical procurement data for both materials and network design that can even be used as a more detailed design proposal.

Rala’s outline planning service also includes an accurate cost estimate. Outline planning provides you with a detailed specification of materials in terms of both ducting and fibre routing as well as detailed maps for the installation of tubes and fibres.

Grovprojektering fiber

Outline Planning

-Layout drawing of the whole area, including sheet line, ducting and fibre cable
-Enlarged area drawings according to sheet lines
-Ducting sections
-Terms, such as ducting, manholes, cabinets and fibre cable
-Placing of nodes
-Distribution points and Distribution area
-Cost estimate, including list of quantities of input materials and construction works, divided into shafts and fiber installation
-Simplified construction project plan with preliminary times for different steps and thus compatible costs

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