FTTx – indoors or outside

Only 1.8 mm – yet fully grown. Small, smooth and strong. Can handle the Swedish climate through temperature specifications, water resistance and mechanical strength. With its small diameter, FTTx cable is easy to handle at each termination.

A small but fully-fledged cable
Cables have become smaller. This is a development that the micro-cable system JETnet® has driven and now systems are becoming increasingly easy to build, maintain and upgrade. Swedish conditions are tough and so there are high technical requirements for fibre to be protected and thus last for its intended service life. That is why we say that our FTTx cable is fully-fledged. It can cope with the correct temperature range, resist external pressure without more cushioning and handle tension. The cable thus lives up to all the requirements of the environment/climate.

Easily worked
Offering peak blowing performance, the cable can withstand handling and is easy to strip. This means that the cable offers an excellent basis for FTTx installations outdoors.

Ideal when combined with BendBright XS
More and more people are using BendBright XS. It is now the most commonly used fibre in Swedish installations of FTTx cable. The reason for this is that BendBright XS is robust, can withstand small bend radii and therefore allows for neat installations.