Junction boxes

Junction boxes for fibre have several important tasks. Both fibre and spliced connections need protection against external elements. In addition the design must make it possible for the infrastructure to be expanded, altered and maintained in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. Over a long period of time. A high IP classification is a given, but the cleverly organised fittings combined with the latest style cable glands is crucial when the value of the installations is determined. In cooperation with TE Connectivity, we offer a wide range to meet every conceivable wish and requirement.

Organisation for documentation and flexibility All Rala junction boxes have the properties required to enable the fibre network to be kept in good order. This means that the interior is well thought-out and enables easy manipulation of fibre and fibre splices. When properly installed, fibre links can also be split up and re-arranged without other fibres in the junction box being affected. There is space to handle excess lengths, it is easy to flip between splice cassettes and all fibres are guided so that conventional bend radii are complied with. The result is that installers never have to feel worried about opening junction boxes and the value of each of the fibres is maintained throughout its life.


Really simple and cost effective cable glands A complete range of cable glands for junction boxes, based on GelSeal technology, means that cable intake work is minimised.