Loose-tube consists of fibres in loose tubes around a strength member. With a dry core but also longitudinally watertight. Easy to reach every fibre, for example for branching. From 48 to 288 fibres – for microducts or regular 40/32 ducting!

Fibre in tubes for easy branching
The design, with loose tubes around a strength member, makes it easy to access the fibres in each tube. This is particularly advantageous where only a few fibres need to be divided and spliced. This sort of micro-cable – whether 48 or 216 fibres in the cable – has tubes placed in a single layer. This makes it even easier to get to the individual fibres. Where there are large numbers of fibres, the strands are separated with strand band. The strand band can be removed quickly and with a simple loop around each strand it can be easily identified, which simplifies the preparation of the cables.

So small. So many fibres
The range begins with 48 fibres, but it is at higher fibre counts that the benefits are clearest. So far we have managed to get 216 fibres into a cable that is only about 8.4 mm in diameter. And our new fibre cable has 96 fibres and measures 6.5 mm. In addition to the fact that its small diameter allows installation in 12/10 or 14/10 mm microducting, the drums are smaller, which facilitates logistics. Loops can also be smaller, which offers definite advantages whether in manholes, cabinets or ODFs.

Our new micro-cable for 288 fibres has a diameter of 10.2 mm which makes it suitable for installation in 25/19 tubing or larger.