Manhole covers


It is important that you choose a cover that suits the situation that your manhole will be placed in. If you are going to site a manhole in a grassy area, footpath or bicycle path, select a cover approved for 125 kN (B125). Where the manhole will be exposed to heavy traffic, you should choose a variant approved for 400 kN (D400). Note that the manhole should not be set directly into the carriageway when it comes to thoroughfares and roads with frequent loading by heavier vehicles. Floating covers are most suitable where the frame rests in a hard upper surface such as tarmac or concrete.

Lockable covers
Some strategic places in the infrastructure require greater protection. Failure to invest in protecting your infrastructure against interventions can have major and costly effects. Rala offers covers with or without locking mechanisms so that customers are able to choose what kind of solution suits them best. Lockable covers are hinged.


Hinged covers
We now offer hinged covers for all floating frames. Hinged covers offer a safer working environment as well as other positive advantages:
They cannot fall down into the manhole.
They can be lifted in sections.
They can be equipped with a customer-specific locking mechanism.
Once opened the cover locks so that it cannot fall shut.