Microtubes – thin walled

Microtube technology offers an easy route to achieving a fully functioning network. Once the tubes are laid, the fibre can simply be blown all the way through to each end user. And that means saving both time and money.

Flexible, smooth and easy to keep track of

Microtubes offer many benefits. They can be installed quickly into larger cable protection tubes and they are easy to splice. Additionally, there are variants for all the different conditions and all are compatible with each other. Rala’s product range also has the advantage that the tubes are coded in 12 different colours. This helps create clarity and makes installation faster and safer.

Think ahead

Once you have made the first and greatest outlay – the tubes are in the ground and roads have been resurfaced – you want it all to work. Naturally, it should be possible to immediately blow out the fibre to produce an error-free network. But it should also be possible to repair and update the network for many years to come. Maybe today you just need a tube that can handle a fibre length of 500 metres. But who knows what you may want in 10 years’ time? Perhaps 2000 metres? Perhaps even more? It is therefore extremely important to use the best available materials on the market. And as things stand today, the best is also the most cost-effective.

Only the best is good enough

Rala only works with the best technology. There are many different characteristics which help define the quality of a tube. Things like friction, consistent dimensions and high ring stiffness. But in the end, the most important thing is that the tubes offer a long life span. We work together with world-leading producers. Partners who focus on telecommunications and ensure that we, and our customers, get the best material. Which is what we all really want.