Introducing VERSA – our thinnest fibre cables ever! Versa 250 and 200. Versatile micro cables. From Rala.

Versa micro cable

Ever since Rala introduced micro cables, in the early 2000s, with the help of advanced technology we have led the trend toward higher capacity, better reliability, smaller dimensions and easier handling.

Now we are launching a new generation of micro cable – Versa – with improved performance right across the board. A series of robust fibre cables with performance and reliability that will last long into the future.

The Versa series is available in two models – Versa 250 and Versa 200. The series has been developed to suit all applications, and simplifies the entire process – from design to finished installation and maintenance.

Versa fibre cable extra thin

Versa – the multi-purpose micro cable

The Versa series makes your choice of cable easy – it can be used between cities, in towns, in residential areas and even in rural areas. And it offers lots of advantages:

-Long life
-The market’s lowest attenuation values for microbendings
-Increased attenuation budget
-Simpler mid-span
-Temperature resistance from -40°C to +70°C
-Copes easily with harsh climatic conditions

Versa 250, G657A1, features:



Versa 200/192, G657A2, features:

Construction: 8 tubes x 24 fibres
Tube size: Ø 1.65 mm
Cable: Ø 7.0 mm
Cable weight: 47 kg/km
Drum size: K9


Download folders for VERSA – fibre cables:

Micro cable Versa 250/288
Micro cable Versa 250/24 och 48
Micro cable Versa 250/96
Micro cable Versa 200/192
Micro cable Versa 250/144
Micro cable Versa 250/192

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