Manholes & cabinets
Manholes & cabinets

What kind of manhole do you need?

Rala has systems with manholes for the most common applications. Light sections which are quickly, easily and solidly combined to any depth. They can even be cut so that they can be placed around existing ducting. Because of this both cover and frame can be fitted flush with surfaces such as tarmac, gravel or grass. Where necessary they can also be strong enough to be driven across.

We also have lockable covers and hinged covers if required. And we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

Sectional manholes

Sectional manholes

Sometimes manholes are deep and at other times shallow. Sometimes ducting will need to pass through the manhole and there will be cable in some of the tubes. And it cannot be cut to be threaded into and through the ends of the manhole. Out in the excavation (replace excavation with field) there is someone who must put the manhole into place. It is in such situations that all the advantages of sectional manholes become apparent.

These sturdy sections made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic are light coloured, lightweight and uncomplicated. They can quickly be assembled to form the body of a manhole, and in most cases the work can be done by one person.
The light colour of the sections makes the inside of the manhole brighter and so easier to see what is happening once inside it.
Each section is 150 mm which allows a manhole body to be quickly built up. Where there is a need to adjust surface height, despite careful levelling of the bottom, it is possible to add one or two TP sections of the same size to give an adjustment in steps of 25 mm.
With a cast iron cover these are suitable for driving over, i.e. up to 400 kN. However, where the manhole is being sited in heavier traffic or a on a busy road, please contact Rala for further advice.

Ralaflex Light
This is the latest addition to Rala’s popular, simple and cost-effective manhole range. A very light manhole that is easy to make holes in. The cover is made of reinforced plastic, has anti-slip protection and fits neatly into the frame. Ideal where extra emphasis is being placed on a neat end result. (Replace B125 with 125kN (B125) as in B128)
Designed solely for footpaths, pavements and environments that are only lightly or infrequently used. Available in B125 load class. The covers are lockable.

Manhole covers


It is important that you choose a cover that suits the situation that your manhole will be placed in. If you are going to site a manhole in a grassy area, footpath or bicycle path, select a cover approved for 125 kN (B125). Where the manhole will be exposed to heavy traffic, you should choose a variant approved for 400 kN (D400). Note that the manhole should not be set directly into the carriageway when it comes to thoroughfares and roads with frequent loading by heavier vehicles. Floating covers are most suitable where the frame rests in a hard upper surface such as tarmac or concrete.

Lockable covers
Some strategic places in the infrastructure require greater protection. Failure to invest in protecting your infrastructure against interventions can have major and costly effects. Rala offers covers with or without locking mechanisms so that customers are able to choose what kind of solution suits them best. Lockable covers are hinged.


Hinged covers
We now offer hinged covers for all floating frames. Hinged covers offer a safer working environment as well as other positive advantages:
They cannot fall down into the manhole.
They can be lifted in sections.
They can be equipped with a customer-specific locking mechanism.
Once opened the cover locks so that it cannot fall shut.


Accessories & customisation

There is a host of clever accessories and customised solutions for our manholes that can be used to facilitate installation work. These improve tidiness, increase safety and can provide installers with a better working environment.

Lockable inner covers
We offer a full range of lockable inner covers for manholes. These inner covers can be attached to any section and provide increased protection for the installations inside the manhole. This prevents tampering and reduces the risk of injury. You can buy them loose or pre-assembled into a section. A lockable inner cover can be supplied with a special key or with provision for a padlock.

Cable attachment
We also offer simple yet practical attachements for cable. Our hangers are attached easily to the manhole body (side) and allow cables to be kept in good order inside the manhole. With careful positioning, hangers can also act as tension relievers for the cable and thus help protect the junction box and other technology.

Customised holes
When installing Rala manholes, different types of hole patterns can be prepared. Holes of 110 mm, 50 mm or 40 mm in different configurations can all be made. Where required, manholes can be fitted with easily removable covers so that they are easy to open where necessary. When contractors don’t need to make the holes themselves, this saves time and money. It also increases quality since the template clearly shows where the ducting should sit.

Manholes for end user access
During a rollout there isn’t always time to wait for customers to decide what they want. Our experience, however, is that most people decide quite quickly to connect their property to a network. In order that network owners can be as flexible as possible when installing a network, we now have dedicated manholes for end user access. Ducting comes in to these manholes, which means you can connect it to ducting from the property and so complete the network. A flexible and dynamic solution that gives you a future-proof network.


Both our ground level and pole mounted cabinets are supplied with mounting plates
The mounting plate makes it possible to place the cabinet in all possible environments your fibre project may require, in urban as well as rural environments. Don’t forget that the cabinet will also be combined with the desired and/or prescribed junction box – so be sure to choose cabinets for the right size of junction box.

Construction and features
Ground level cabinets are supplied with a pull-out plinth, waterproof mounting plate for the desired junction box, lock bolts for ASSA locks, soil sealing, roof insulation and a hole for a snow marking pole. Some models also include sealant. In addition there is an extensive range of accessories