Rala has designed and supported the deployment of more than 100 FTTB/H networks with a size of 100 connected homes up to 150.000 connected homes in Sweden and the UK. Additional Rala became expert in rural FTTB/H deployments in Sweden during the past years. “With the new round of available government funds for ultrafast broadband networks in Germany and Austria it is the right time to extend our services to Germany and Austria” said Tobias Ahl CEO and owner of Rala. “We were able to hire the competence of Matthias Nass with more than 20 years experience in the telecom market working for network operators and system vendors across Europe. Matthias will develop Rala’s activities in the market as Head of Rala Germany.” “Austria and Germany undertakes very challeging steps in deploying ultrafast broadband. It is important to make the right decisions fast and to take the next steps in building sustainable passive network infrastructure to enable ultrafast broadband services for businesses and consumers” says Matthias Nass, Head of Rala Germany. “To continue the growth of our economy we need to move from single digit to double digit Mbit/s symmetric internet access services.” Rala is the leading partner for FTTB/H networks in Sweden. Rala is offering the planning (cost estimate to detailed design) and passive network infrastructure out of one hand to network operators and owners of passive networks in Sweden. Three years ago Rala expanded their services in the UK and recently also in Germany and Austria. Rala has more than 30 highly qualified employees in Sweden, the UK and Germany. Rala is a privately held company with headquarters in Linköping and offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, the Uk and Germany. For more information please contact Matthias Nass, or Tobias Ahl.

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