For us at Rala quality is important. Both in the process and materials.

Rala is supplying both materials and services for the passive part of a fiber network.

By combining our knowledge of network design and the experience we have gained from hundreds of projects completed with good knowledge of materials, we offer unique opportunities to help network owners to a robust and future-proof fiber network.

Rala can contribute to successful fiber projects.

Services from Rala

The quality of a infrastructure and the long-term benefit for the owner and their customers are largely determined before the infrastructure is built. Rala has built up a range of services which follow and support the process that an owner of a local or regional network utility owner a foundation for decissionmaking an building the infrastructure.

Rala case

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Technology solutions from Rala

Rala provides technology and solutions for the best conditions
during many years, from the first installation and onwards.


Future-proof fibre network

Ralas long experience and detailed knowledge is packaged in a range of services. The process is monitored and controlled to ensure security and quality.