Information for local communities & fibre co-operatives

Building a fibre network for local homes?

At Rala we have long been working with local communities and fibre co-operatives, and through our service we are with you all the way. is a project that simplifies the whole process – you can register your own project there or make an inquiry about an existing project.

Starting a project and involving your neighbours in that project is free. When it’s time to take things further, with the help of we will produce all the documentation and plans that you need in order to go ahead with your own local fibre project.

Don’t delay – take the first step today towards quick and secure broadband for your home.

How to get a fibre network

Getting fibre

Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. Here are some tips to help you get started with your own fibre network.

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Gräskö - from a faded summer paradise to a thriving community with more than 100 Mbit/s

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Simple steps to fibre broadband
Fibre broadband at homeShow interestProject startPlanning & organisingDocumentation

Fibre broadband at home

Super fast Internet at home

When everything is ready, when a fiber is inspected and connected, when you have chosen operator and you are online, you will have a fast, reliable and future-proof Internet connection. A connection that gives you a sharp image on the TV and that does not slow down when the whole family connects all of their mobile devices to the home’s wifi at the same time.
Bredbandsfiber hemma

Show interest

Register at

Are you the driving force behind a project? Do you just want to register your interest in a project? Whether you need project management or just want to express your interest in an existing project, start by visiting where you can register and specify where you want to have a fibre connection. Then you can start your own project. Watch the video and follow the steps described there to get you started on the right track.
Anmäl ditt intresse för bredbandsfiber

Project start

Go through the prospects

Once you have created a project or have notified your interest at you will be contacted by a person from us at Rala to contact you and together you start up the project . You who made an expression of interest will be contacted as soon as a project is running in your area.


Planning & organising

Plan and organize your project

Plan your future super-fast fiber-optic network directly in the web service. Involve neighbors, highlight the maps at and mark which properties are to be connected and see how the interest is growing. Rala is obviously close at hand all the way. In order to push through the project, you need to be registered as a legal entity, it can be for example a village community, other community or an association.
Planera och organisera fiber


Documentation for applications and registrations

With the data that you retriew from your project on as a basis, you can initiate the construction process, ask for price quotations and create detailed plans. The documents from us at Rala is of course designed to meet all the requirements for grant applications for fiber projects. Rala are happy to support project delivery, technical support and project management, and you can read more in our detailed process description of the different steps. Do you want more information on how we recommend you to build your network and what is important to consider when building fiber, you can read our simplified land allocation.