Unitube combines a simple design with incredible installation characteristics. The fibres are located in strands in a single central tube. This makes it easy to work with while it can still handle typical Nordic requirement specifications. Ideal for use in micro-ducts, such as 25/10 or 16/12, where installation lengths are incredible.

The simplest way to go from point to point
Unitube cable is ingeniously simple and with all fibres located in a single tube it also saves space. All cables are small, mechanically strong and often perform best in blown installations.

They are intended for point-to-point installations, such as the supply of a splicing point or as a link between two nodes where a lot of fibre is required. In addition, they can be opened to pull out an individual strand and branch off it.

Unitube Mini
The latest version of Unitube cable: Unitube Mini. Only 2.5 mm in diameter, Unitube Mini can be installed in microtubes with an inner diameter of 3.5 mm. The cables now hold up to 12 fibres. Perfect for a multi-family property or a business.