At Rala we have developed a range of services which follow and support the processes that owners of a local or regional network implement before that network is ready to be commissioned.

From idea or concept to a well-documented network, ready to commission. A network that is both future-proof and stable.

The combination of our knowledge of network design, our practical experience and our knowledge of materials gives us a   unique ability to help in the early stages of a fibre project. The project, design and cost estimates all change in line with the needs of the network owner.

It’s all in the detail

A fibre network is a system. As with all systems, the functionality of a fibre optic network is dependent on its component parts. Neither technical nor financial calculations for a fibre optic network can be made without first having a very good idea of ​those component parts. The quality of a network – and so the long-term benefit to network owners and their customers – is largely determined before that network is built. In all our services we offer a unique and very important feature – a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of technology as well as experience of how projects should be run. Rala has had an active role in the construction process for  hundreds of fibre networks of various sizes across a variety of geographical and demographic conditions. This knowledge and experience is built into all of our services. You can read more about our services here.