Eltel: As far as delivery is concerned Rala is the best

Eltel is northern Europe’s foremost infranet company. The term infranet refers to the uniting of all electric and telephone networks, which would offer many advantages and pave the way for new innovative solutions. The company has 8,000 employees globally, 1,800 of which are in Sweden.

Eltel fibre cooperation

Same specified objectives

Eltel has the same objectives as Rala; to help the customer through all stages of the process – from the initial project stage to implementation and maintenance. Both companies have expressed the aspiration to be in the technical forefront and to simplify everyday life for the customer through providing a high level of service. It is therefore not surprising that both organisations have shared common and successful business relations over many years.

Fibre net is hot

Stefan Leek is a salesman and responsible for the broadband network and fibre solutions at Eltel. He says: “It is unbelievable how popular it has become to build fibre networks these days. It has been this way with major construction projects for a while but now we are seeing an expansion in the one family housing market and village communities. It maybe slightly more expensive to run fibre to individual houses, which has previously been a limiting factor, but the market has matured and house-owners are generally a financially sound target group. We know that Rala is a reliable partner both in major as well as smaller projects. They always deliver according to the specified delivery date; something that is of utmost importance in a business where costs can spiral if a project is delayed.

Good cooperation – during normal situations as well as special circumstances

In Eltels world, which involves working with many different projects of various sizes and character, it is important to work with flexible suppliers. “My experience is that Rala has a high service level and not a stranger to finding alternative solutions if Plan A cannot be realised”, says Stefan. In the case of a standard project, Eltel places its orders through the business management Success story system, which is connected with Rala. Rala delivers channelisation, fibre and splicing materials at the initial project stage, he says adding: “When more is required we can brainstorm ideas and solutions with Rala’s experienced staff, as they are so good at taking care of customers. They are keen to follow up a project, keep in touch and make sure that everything works as it should. Also they are quick to return calls. Rala is proactive and solution oriented, just like us.”

“We know that Rala
is a reliable partner
both in major as well
as smaller projects.”

We get better together

Eltel and Rala have been working together for many years. According to Stefan it is obvious that both companies have developed on all levels during this time. “It is important for us to work with suppliers who don’t sit still and wait for something to happen, but are driven and keen to develop”, he says.

Extra plus for service and delivery

“In conclusion I would just like to say that Rala is a company which is incredibly focused at taking care of the customer”, says Stefan. “And as I said earlier, they are the best at delivery precision.”


Eltel in short:
-Eltel is one of the biggest contractors working with big operators as TeliaSonera as well with metro networks and local initiatives.
-8000 employees all over Europe, 2000 in Sweden.
-Eltel is steadily growing in all parts of the Broadband market.