Accessories & customisation

There is a host of clever accessories and customised solutions for our manholes that can be used to facilitate installation work. These improve tidiness, increase safety and can provide installers with a better working environment.

Lockable inner covers
We offer a full range of lockable inner covers for manholes. These inner covers can be attached to any section and provide increased protection for the installations inside the manhole. This prevents tampering and reduces the risk of injury. You can buy them loose or pre-assembled into a section. A lockable inner cover can be supplied with a special key or with provision for a padlock.

Cable attachment
We also offer simple yet practical attachements for cable. Our hangers are attached easily to the manhole body (side) and allow cables to be kept in good order inside the manhole. With careful positioning, hangers can also act as tension relievers for the cable and thus help protect the junction box and other technology.

Customised holes
When installing Rala manholes, different types of hole patterns can be prepared. Holes of 110 mm, 50 mm or 40 mm in different configurations can all be made. Where required, manholes can be fitted with easily removable covers so that they are easy to open where necessary. When contractors don’t need to make the holes themselves, this saves time and money. It also increases quality since the template clearly shows where the ducting should sit.

Manholes for end user access
During a rollout there isn’t always time to wait for customers to decide what they want. Our experience, however, is that most people decide quite quickly to connect their property to a network. In order that network owners can be as flexible as possible when installing a network, we now have dedicated manholes for end user access. Ducting comes in to these manholes, which means you can connect it to ducting from the property and so complete the network. A flexible and dynamic solution that gives you a future-proof network.