Direct laid micro

Direct laid thick-walled microducting is a system with microtubes in bundles. The bundles are held together by simple thin sleeving and can be buried directly in the ground. The system allows simple branching and offers good mechanical strength. Its characteristics make it ideal for short distances, for example, the last part between splice and service.

Effective FTTx

FTTx is ideal for use in situations requiring extensive expansion with many branches, tubes of various sizes and where there is a significant need for effective methods. With thick-walled, direct laid microtubes, Rala provides a technology that allows for very cost-effective expansion of the final section from distribution point to end users.

Selection of dimensions for customised solutions
Thick-walled, direct laid microtubes are available in several dimensions, from 14/10 mm, intended for high density fibres, up to 216 fibres. These are ideal for supplying splicing points, installing in sections with large amounts of fibre and for longer distances. In addition there are several dimensions, down to 7/3.5 mm, which are intended for services or the short last section to all types of terminals, base stations and the like.