For the third time in a row Ikea publishes its report ”Life at home” which explores how people live and how they see their home and how it changes over time. The report shows a clear trend where digital life meets physical life and when the nuclear family is no longer the norm, social networking is a way to have a community and a family.

For many, a home is a place for the family – but not necessarily a place where you spend time with it them. Almost half of Ikea’s respondents say that their most important relationships takes place in the home. Meanwhile, 23% of the respondents answered that they consider it more important to have a good wifi connectivity than social spaces in the home. In Shanghai, the figure was 49%.

Today’s connected society is becoming an increasingly important component and is dependent on basic infrastructure such as fibre networks. More and more data is sent in the network. Today your tenants put demands on connectivity in their homes, although there is a housing shortage, it is a decisive factor in the choice of relocation. Businesses and industries that previously supplied housing solutions, furniture, environments to their customers face new challenges and new relations to other industries has to built up.



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